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Glinser AG ‘s automated workflows and cloud-based talent network make it easy to execute a wide variety of projects at scale. Looking for inspiration? Here are a few of our most popular use cases.

Redefine Business

The rise of independent talent is dramatic, and not going anywhere soon. 30% of the current US and European workforce engage in independent work1. 70% of independent business consultants choose to be independent, and 78% plan to “stay the course” as one1.

With these shifts in how the workforce wants to work, and growing pressures for companies to do more, a lot of companies are reevaluating how they get work done. Business consultants are a historic option – but even the top business consultants can leave you wanting more if their skills, experience, or style isn’t the right fit for your needs.

You can realize higher value, more control on project and team scope, and drive high-impact work at different spend levels with Glinser AG.

The Glinser AG Difference:

  • Reputation: We’re trusted by 30% of the Fortune 100
  • Precision: We help structure your project to ensure proper talent-fit
  • Speed: Talent can be up and running within a week
  • Cost: 30-50% lower cost than traditional consulting firms


1 – McKinsey Global Institute

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