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digital workforce of the future

people not just machines will power digital innovation

As new technologies cause value chains to rapidly evolve, human tasks are digitizing, as machines alter how knowledge work is performed

Thriving in this digital era of promise and uncertainty means increasing the velocity of innovation, experimentation and collaboration. The main engine for this is not some magical technology — it’s talented people.

A fusion of new algorithms, automation, machine learning and digital platforms is radically changing what human talent looks like, where to find it and how it’s put to work. Many companies are starting to junk old and rigid organizational models and building smaller, nimbler clusters of talent that serve a particular market or niche.

A new master work architecture orchestrates human and machine tasks together.

Talent clusters are emerging everywhere. Companies are starting to build proprietary platforms and driving third parties to engage in co-innovation initiatives around R&D or customer engagement. Executives need to uncork experimental business processes and harness the opportunity these emerging clusters and platforms provide.

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